The Jesus Way – The Bible

The Office of Disciples Men is thrilled to announce that its second curriculum in The Jesus Way series is now available.

The Jesus Way – The Bible is twenty-five sessions of material divided into five sections. Here are the section headings:

The Bible – What Is It
The Bible – 1st Testament
The Bible – 2nd Testament
The Bible – The Letter to the Philippians
The Bible – The Psalms

The section on the 2nd Testament focuses on the Gospels. The section on The Letter to Philippians uses this letter as a template for studying the letters of Paul. The section on The Psalms introduces us to the beauty and power of some of the most beloved passages of the Bible.

This study is designed to help men engage the Bible as the tool of faith it was created to be. It takes away the mystique that sometimes hinders the Bible’s approachability and opens up the this vast, vital and essential resource for men seeking to live life the Jesus way.

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